Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Samsung Mobile Service Center In Kolkata

Samsung Mobile Authorized Service Centre in Kolkata
(Samsung Mobile, Smartphone, Galaxy, Tablet and Accessories)
Samsung is the world leading mobile phone supplier. Samsung comprises numerous subsidiaries and affiliated businesses, most of them united under the Samsung brand, and is the largest South Korean chaebol. Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscraper and plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, and more. Samsung begun construction on building the world's largest mobile phone factory in the Thai Nguyen province of Vietnam.

This Service Centre is well equipped with technicians and service equipment to handle any complaints or queries you may have with regard to Samsung Phone products.

System and Services
CD-7 Salt Lake City, Sector -1, Near Seba Hospital
Phone : 033-64500129

Karuna Management Services (P) Ltd
No.207, 2nd Floor, CR Avenue, Meridian Plaza, Girish Park
Phone : +91 9830039664

Infotel Services
No. 43B, New Alipore
Block-C, Kolkata
Phone : 033-40704070

Capital Enterprise (P) Ltd
No.12, Shop No. 10, 11, 12
Jawaharlal Nehru Road
Undeground Esplanade Metro Railway Station
Peerless Hotel Side Entrance
Phone : 033-22282020

Divine Electro Solution
No. 377/4, Prince Anwah Shah Road
Kolkata, India
Phone : 033-40632162

Video King
No.14 Suren Tagore Road
Gariahat, Kolkata
Phone : 033-24409091

Flat No. 10 and 12, 1st Floor
Maruti Building, Loudon Street
Phone : 033-22873115

SM Service
134/R/1, Netaji Colony
Beside Baranagar Thana
Phone : +91 9831460585

Debojyoti Infotech
272/2, Dum Dum Road, Kolkata
Opposite More Departmental Stores
Phone : 033-25472891

36/B/2, Kalidas Patitundi Lane
Near J.D. Prak Metro Station
Hazra, Kolkata, India
Phone : +91 9038586889 / 9143127934

Babli Media Centre
No.100, Briji Road
Garia, Kolkata
Phone : +91 9804457742

Parthana Enterprise
1st Floor, Diamond Hardware Bldng
Diamond Harbour- Raynagar
Station Bazar Road
Phone : 03174-255454

Nav Technology
No.130A, Bagmari Road
Kolkata, India
Phone : +91 9163516474

Sushile Infotel
P-10 ,CIT Road
Kolkata, India
Phone : 033-22268297

No. 82G, Diamond Harbour Road
Kolkata, India,
Phone : 033- 64600272

Official Website : http://www.samsung.com/

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to say the service at System and Services (CD - 7, Salt Lake, Kolkata) service center was unexceptionally poor.
    I had taken my Galaxy S3 phone to be repaired.
    The technicians inspected my phone and told me the screen was not working and they would replace it.
    The total cost would be Rs 7300.
    I requested them to repair my phone in front of me as screen replacement for S3 hardly takes 15 mins.
    They refused saying that they do not repair a phone unless the customer submits a written report.
    Only after getting this report, do they order the parts.
    So, I agreed and submitted my phone for repair.

    Next day, I got a call from one of the technicians saying the motherboard was also damaged, and the total cost of repair would be Rs 12800.
    I said I could not pay such a huge amount for repairs and asked him not to repair my phone.
    He immediately said he would repair it for Rs 10000.
    I told him that I would collect it back without the repairs and ended the call.

    It being Sunday, I called your service center again to ask till when the center would be open.
    The lady who answered the phone demanded my name and contact number, looked up the details of my complaint in the system.
    She asked me if I had talked to their technician over phone some time back, and I replied in the affirmative.
    She said I could come anytime till 4 pm to collect my phone, but the phone would be handed ovder only after paying Rs 169 as some "Inspection charge" (without getting any service from Samsung).
    The lady was very rude and was shouting at me the entire time.
    Even though I told her to calm down and talk reasonably, she still continued shouting.
    She even said that this was all a part of "company policy" and that if I did not want their service, I should just pay Rs 169 and take my phone back.
    She refused to talk any further, and frustated, I hung up the phone.

    I have several complaints against the Service Center.
    Firstly, screen repairs in other Samsung service centers are done in front of the customer, if the customer requests, as it is a short process.
    Secondly,Nothing regarding an inspection charge was mentioned when I submitted my phone for repairs.
    Thirdly, the inspection was not done properly by the technicians when I went to submit my phone.
    They should have told me that the motherboard also was damaged (if it really was).
    If they had told me then and there that the cost would be Rs 12800 (if that is really the cost) then I would not have given them my phone.
    Fourthly, why did the technician call me quoting Rs 12800 as the price for repairs when the actual cost is probably less than Rs 10000?
    This combined with the fact that I have to pay "Inspection charge" for receiving my own phone back without any service from Samsung seems like extortion from hapless customers.

    I am very disappointed with this whole exchange.
    I was not expecting such rude and extortionist behavior from Samsung service center staff.
    My phone is just 1.5 yr old. I bought it for Rs 35000. Makes no sense buying such an expensive phone with such poor durability and exceptionally bad service. I will never buy a Samsung phone again.